3 Reasons You Should Take More Vacation Time

Grand Mayan Pools at Riviera Maya, Mexico - Empowerment Retreats

Grand Mayan Pools at Riviera Maya, Mexico - Empowerment Retreats

I decided last year that I was committing myself to more vacation days.  And can I tell you how HARD that was for me?  Way more than you would probably guess as I am not one who likes to be in debt.  

Owning a business where I provide services has always meant, when I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  So vacations were always something to really think twice about.  Interestingly, according to two separate surveys by Forbes and a national market research firm, even most Americans who are given paid vacation by their companies don’t take all of it.  Here are 3 reasons, I decided to commit to it and why I think you should as well.

Reason #1 for Taking More Vacation Days:  Self-care.  You hear this buzz word quite a bit lately.  It’s funny that many people have a hard time taking 30 minutes out of their day for exercise because there’s always some house chore to do that seems to take priority instead.  Or, if you are like me and you own a business, there’s always something you could be doing to manage or grow your business.  However, when you are on vacation, the laundry, the dishes, and your business are far away.  No excuses to relax, get moving, and have fun!

Reason #2 for Taking More Vacation Days:  Make Happy Memories with Your Kids.  I vowed a couple years ago after my best friend died  that I would spend less money on gifts and more time taking vacations with my family.  I don’t think my two teenagers could tell you what they received for Christmas in 2014, maybe not even what they received this past Christmas of 2015!  However, they do remember very vivid details about our trip to Bryson City, North Carolina, three summers ago, where we rented a cabin by a stream and went tubing and white water rafting.  I hope my kids will have an arsenal of happy vacations in their minds and hearts by the time they go to college.

Reason #3 for Taking More Vacation Days:  Defying Fears Around Money.  I stopped working nights and weekends several years ago when I realized that the only reason I did was because I was in fear around money.  I needed to stop telling myself a “lack” story and believe that the money would come without sacrificing my health and my values for family.  Now, nights and weekends are for family.  Period.   

Then, in the past year, in addition to family vacations,  I have donated four weeks of my time to my favorite charity, Send Me On Vacation. I travel out of the country to perform emotional healing and recovery workshops for breast cancer survivors.  By refusing to worry about what missing a month from work would do to my business bottom line, I have gained so much more… including experience in performing workshops abroad, on cruise ships, and the extremely nourishing and WONDERFUL opportunity to make new friends during each week that I have spent on those trips!

Interestingly for me, whenever I come back from a vacation, I have a so much more energy for my business that it seems to act as a catalyst to bring in more income!  

I would love to hear your thoughts about this article.  Thanks in advance for sharing and I hope your summer is filled with laughter, sunlight, time well spent on vacation making many good memories.




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