Imagine your life right now as you wish it could be.  If you are like many people, you feel stuck.  There's a huge disconnect between how you want to be and what you want to achieve versus how you are actually showing up in life.  You may have already discovered that will power and effort alone do not create lasting change. The problem is that many people get stuck in habitual patterns with their thoughts and behaviors.   These often unconscious or uncontrollable repeating patterns keep us from aligning with what we most want. 

To overcome obstacles and succeed. effectively, you need a system—a process that will ensure you’re taking control of your stress, your focus, and your mindset so you can gain leverage.  Once you have a system to overcome your day to day struggles with money, health, relationships and confidence you can lean in and go after your dream job, career, and life!  Rebecca will guide you how to stop battling your own inner resistance and self-sabotage using her proven strategies that create concrete and lasting change.

If what I've shared resonates and you're a soulfully ambitious woman on a mission, you need a mentor who has the experience and tools to help you get there ASAP! To that end, you need a system to identify and address what holds you back most in living your big mission and accelerate what you’re out to accomplish.  With results expert, Rebecca Taylor Shaw, using her proven one-to-one coaching methodology, you’ll experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals.


Why?  The world needs your brilliance today!

“Rebecca provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward.”
— Nikki Bernet - Entrepreneur & Franchise Owner

Unleash Your Brilliance & Make an Impact Now!

Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH: Success Strategist & Results Expert

Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH: Success Strategist & Results Expert

There comes a time in your life when you realize that your biggest obstacle to success and happiness is YOU.  Stressful emotions, negative thinking, or an unproductive habit can all make you feel frustrated and stuck.  Your mind knows what you want but  your emotions and actions are doing something else!

It’s time to take the life you’ve envisioned and learn to use your creative and intuitive brilliance to become a happier, more positive, and successful version of yourself.

As a Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Introspective imagery and other right brain techniques, her title as "Results Expert" is well-deserved. 

Foundational to Rebecca's effectiveness as a success strategist and results coach for her clients is her keen intuition along with an amazing ability to quickly synthesize massive amounts of detail and develop a clear, strategic execution plan in your very first session.  Get ready to spark a rapid pathway to success as she will burn your biggest obstacles to the ground in the first few sessions.  

Having performed over 50,000 hours working with thousands of clients in the past twenty -two years, Rebecca has decoded a process she calls "Synergistic Leveraging" to promote accelerated learning and achieve accelerated change.  The results are even more profound and rapid when the method is customized to meet your needs in a one on one environment.

Shauna McKenzie, Founder of

Shauna McKenzie, Founder of

“Working with Rebecca is a no-brainer investment. I’m a firm believer that the success of my business and my overall wellbeing depends on my ability to tackle root and core issues that hold me back, regardless of how tumultuous, scary or overwhelming those self-sabotaging behaviors may seem. The VIP sessions I’ve had with Rebecca have accelerated my personal growth in a way that I could never do on my own and have helped to clear blocks that have directly transcended to an increase in my bottom line. I highly recommend Rebecca and her services and if you’re hesitating or feel unsure, that’s a sure sign, in my mind, that you should and need to make the leap. You won’t regret it.”

How You Can Work With Me to Unleash Your Brilliance...

 All of the live sessions are leveraged with Rebecca's highly sought after, custom produced and professionally recorded hypnosis audios so that you can work more rapidly on clearing your specific internal roadblocks quickly.  Rebecca is an expert in rapidly identifying what's holding you back and then helping you to create a series of  "layered breakthroughs"  necessary so to keep the momentum going that creates accelerated and dynamic change while also helping you to sustain the successes you achieve over time.  No backsliding!

Rebecca turns personal development and professional achievement into an empowering step-by-step, magical journey that will help you identify what it is you really want, what’s preventing you from getting it, and how to break through any barriers to take action and transform your life forever. And she delivers it with a level of passion, power and playfulness that makes this transformational process not only moving, but thoroughly inspiring and enjoyable.
— Greta S., Corporate Attorney
Rebecca has helped me and other family members over the years. She is easy to talk to. She understands and crafts strategies to really help & make a difference. Issues that I thought that were too hard tackle or something that I just had to live with have been resolved. I am happier, healthier and more positive with Rebecca’s expertise!
If you’re serious about really making a change NOW and becoming the highest version of yourself, Rebecca’s coaching and personal achievement programs are not a ‘should,’ they are a ‘must.’
— John Saalfield, Business Owner - NC