Rebecca taylor shaw is a performance enhancement expert with over 25 years of experience. she has taught thousands of people to overcome fear & increase their confidence so they can achieve their goals and live with greater passion & purpose.

If you’re wanting to take your confidence and success to the next level, then let Rebecca Taylor Shaw help you! Rebecca is a leader in personal transformation and subconscious reprogramming and she is on a passionate mission to help soulfully ambitious women and men achieve their personal and professional goals. For more than 25 years, Rebecca has helped thousands of people feel better and achieve more.

She has taught, consulted with, observed, and helped thousands of people in the past 25 years. During that time she has seen the traits, characteristics, and attitudes of both highly successful people and those who have not met their goals. Not surprisingly there are stark differences between these two groups.

If you know the change you want to make but feel stuck due to your mindset or unconscious patterns, Rebecca is an expert at identifying the hidden patterns that keep you stuck and then giving you a clear strategy to experience life changing breakthroughs.

5 core competencies to express your best self

From more than two decades working with thousands of clients, Rebecca knows what it takes to be happy and find your best self.  That formula is made up of 5 Core Competencies that, when practiced regularly, have been scientifically proven to improve emotional well-being, increase resilience, reduce stress, and help you thrive in every area of your life. Check out the SHOP page where you will find resources to help you find and enhance these inner resources.

Rid your life of fear, anxiety, and insecurities…

Live a more joyous, creative, passionate, and remarkable life!