Your “Secret Weapon” to accelerated success.

Rebecca is an expert in personal transformation. In 30 minutes, she can tell you what is holding you back with any problem. She give you the map AND the tools to overcome inner limiting beliefs and emotions.”
— Dr. Norris Phillbeck

Supporting men & Women Worldwide from Charleston, SC

Feeling like you are stuck in a holding pattern takes down even the most even the most ambitious people and it can strike at any level, at any time—especially when you go it alone.

The number one complaint in regards to traditional talk therapy and stand alone coaching methods is that people feel stuck. You know how you want to be thinking, feeling, and behaving but you aren’t successful in making it happen. In other words, your head says, “I know how I want to be,” but you don’t feel or behave the way you want.

Rebecca’s “Secret Weapon” for helping you achieve rapid change blends the two modalities so you can rapidly clear inner roadblocks at both essential levels: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Private Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy has been termed by my clients, “Coaching on steroids!”

Time is our most precious resource.  If you feel stuck, you owe it to yourself to explore this amazing combination with a specialist who can help you to rapidly transform.

  • I am here to show you that you don’t have to just suffer through anymore.

  • I am here to show you how to rapidly breakthrough mental blocks and emotional stress.

  • I am here to get to the heart of the matter quickly, and create change quickly!

Do you know how many psychologists I’ve seen over the years and they haven’t been able to get to this? You’re amazing!
— Deanna, Age 50, Corporate Insurance Sales


I believe that you you are never stuck with any problem.

I believe that you can create lives, careers, and relationships that feel authentic, purpose-filled and balanced.

I believe that you can have the love, freedom, and abundance you desire.

I believe that the world needs your unique gifts (your light) now.

I believe my purpose is to help you to thrive!

How We Can Work Together…