Empowered to Move On: How Hypnosis Can Help You Forget Your "Ex"

“Can you hypnotize me to forget about someone?”  I hear that request more often than you might expect.   The demise of a relationship, even one we know should or must end, can cause severe psychological and emotional stress.  In ancient cultures, there is a core belief that when we suffer an emotional or physical trauma, a part our essence or soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. A shaman or healer would be called in to perform a ritual called “Soul Retrieval” which was considered crucial to the person’s healing process.  As a Hypnotherapist, I understand the value of this philosophy and have had the honor to guide many clients through a modern day version of Soul Retrieval using hypnosis to help them heal emotionally, and move forward.

Here are some real life stories about how Hypnosis has helped my clients to heal after a break-up or divorce.  (The names have been changed for privacy.)

Stories of Betrayal Haunted Him:  Jim had been divorced for two years.  His wife had been the love of his life.  She cheated on him with a best friend and the two went through a very bitter, ugly divorce. The whole experience left him “gun-shy” to date again for fear of getting hurt.  In a very powerful hypnosis session, Jim was able to release the negative emotions from that experience and gain a much needed sense of closure helping him to feel free to move on.

The Ex-Boyfriend Who Haunted Her Dreams:  Carrie had been married for over ten years when she came to get help with recurring dreams about an ex-boyfriend. It had been years since the breakup of her college sweetheart and first love of her life.  Despite time passing and marrying another man, she kept dreaming that she was back at school, desperately trying to find her first love. She would frequently wake up frustrated and sad.  Hypnosis helped her to understand the purpose of her recurring dream, gain some deep inner wisdom and the dreams stopped.

Obsession with the Other Man:  Anne was married to a great guy. She described him as the perfect, loving, husband and father to their three children.  Despite ideal circumstances, she found herself falling in love with another man she had met through work.  Even though she knew it was wrong, she entered into a one night stand with the co-worker followed by a deep and intense emotional affair which they conducted via emails and texting.  Anne knew that this love addiction would destroy her marriage if didn’t stop.  She sought help from a skilled therapist and simultaneously used hypnosis to uncover and clear the unconscious reasons that compelled her obsession.

She Couldn’t Say Goodbye to a Soul Mate:  Susan found herself stuck in a long-term relationship that she knew was unhealthy for her.  Her boyfriend treated her disrespectfully, often criticizing her in public and flirting with other women in her presence.  On several occasions, she had even caught him cheating with other women.  Each time that she would end the relationship, deep feelings of abandonment and grief overwhelmed her and she would end up take her cheating boyfriend back.  In a past life hypnosis session, Sue remembered two previous lives with this man.   In both, they had been husband and wife and circumstances had caused his untimely death which left her feeling devastated and alone.  After hypnosis, Susan felt empowered to end her relationship with this man in this life.

These cases are just a few examples of the after effects caused by the psychological and emotional stress from a painful break-up or divorce.  Here are some common symptoms that can be related to unresolved pain or grief:

  • Feeling Emotionally Detached or Numb
  • Habitual Replaying of Past Conversations or Memories
  • Debilitating Fear of Getting Hurt Again
  • Obsession with the Lost Lover
  • Grief that Has Not Healed
  • Anger that Doesn’t Dissipate or Transfers to Other People in Your Life
  • Problems with Forgiveness
  • Victim Mentality
  • Insomnia or Stressful Dreams Related to the Break-Up
  • Headaches and Other Physical Problems
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Manifestation or Worsening of Addictions to Numb Emotional Loss and Pain
  • Immune System Deficiencies Caused by PTSD
  • Hopelessness or Depression
  • Feel Like a Part of You is Dead or Gone

If you are experiencing any of these problems, seek advice from a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional before using a complimentary health modality like hypnosis.
Carolyn Myss, the best-selling author of several books on the subject of the mind-body connection to health and healing believes “the emotional energy we divert focusing on painful memories, or in our efforts to suppress them, is the single most common cause of illness and disease.”

The truth is hypnosis can’t make you forget the one who caused you heartache.  However,  you can use hypnosis and other similar modalities that have the ability to go deeper than logic and act as powerful catalysts to help you heal emotionally and release the addictive thoughts that often plague us after break-up and divorce.
If you resonate with the stories in this article and are interested in getting my help with your own personal healing journey,  apply for a free discovery session with me.

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