Women Empowering Women with Cancer

I want to thank you for allowing me to be your partner in your personal development.  You inspire me each and every day, and I'm so grateful to be able to do what I love helping you reach your goals.

I am also so grateful to be coming from Mexico last week where I held another one of my emotional healing workshops that I created called, "The Mermaid's Journey. " This particular one was created specifically for breast cancer survivors! 

I call this work of getting healthy with emotions for all women, a "Mermaid's Journey."  The ocean is a universal symbol of emotions, the sea of emotions.  When you become a mermaid, you become stronger through embracing your emotions and learning to dive through them fearlessly, the good and the stormy ones!

The entire event is funded by the non-profit, SendMeonVacation.org. Their mission is to send breast cancer survivors who have been financially devastated by the cost of treatment on an emotional healing and empowerment vacation. Each survivor receives a photo makeover as a mermaid and an emotional healing workshop experience with me. 

Tammy, a survivor from Boston got her Mermaid Makeover and she looks so happy!

Tammy, a survivor from Boston got her Mermaid Makeover and she looks so happy!

All totaled this past year, I've donated four weeks of my time, traveling around the globe for my favorite cause.  I've been to Bermuda, Boston, Texas, and several areas of Mexico this year all in the name of women's healing and empowerment! 

It is very interesting to see how women from different cultures and different parts of the United States move through the diagnosis, treatment, and emotional aftermath of cancer. 

Bostonian women are strong with a no non-nonsense survivor attitude that says, "Cancer won't defeat me.  I will get through this!" 

Bermudian women are also very strong but attribute their Christian beliefs with their strength, with a survivor attitude that says, "God has a reason and I have faith in God to help me through this."

West coast women from California seem to be more metaphysical believing there is a soul lesson in their journey with cancer. 

I read years ago that a man recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer sought insight into the "secrets" of cancer survivors.  Were they all doing a certain diet or treatment?  No. They had done different diets, regimens, and treatments.  However, he discovered one common thread: their mental attitude about cancer was the same.  Each had a belief that cancer was to be perceived on the same level as the flu, something to suffer through and get past with a finite end to it.

Below is a photo from the Bermuda survivor cruise where I also performed two half day emotional healing workshops for Bermudian survivors. This is Zazi.  Isn't she beautiful and so happy to have her transformation!

Bermuda cancer survivor and fellow mermaid Zazi.

Bermuda cancer survivor and fellow mermaid Zazi.

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