Natural Weight Loss

Emotional eating, self sabotage, cravings, motivation to exercise and working toward losing those last 10 pounds. I can help!

 "Hypnosis is an amazing new approach that promises weight loss for good!”  - Ronald Ruden, M.D.

"Hypnosis is an amazing new approach that promises weight loss for good!”  - Ronald Ruden, M.D.

Wow! Serious consideration recommended. I was a bit hesitant. Then I watched one of my closest friends make such a remarkable transformation!!!! She was dealing with issues including weight and self esteem. Rebecca worked her magic with my friend over a series of months. I am believer! I am now working with her and after 3 sessions I am feeling most optimistic! Traditional psychotherapy is not for me, and this is such a real solution! I’m thrilled!”
— K.J. Charleston, SC

Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

If you've learned a bunch of nutrition and diet tips and tricks over the years, but still can't seem to lose weight and keep it off, it's not a surprise..

You've done every diet and yet you eventually circle back around to stepping on the scale and being back where you started with the weight.

You know need to cut out the refined carbs, get rid of sugar, eat less, and stop emotional and boredom eating but it's not happening.

And what's worse, when you try to use your willpower to start the diet or get past a few days, you end up failing miserably and then the inner critic steps in and gives you fifty lashes for being weak!

All you want to do is put food in its proper place in your life and frankly not have to think so much about counting calories and what you're putting in your mouth. 

So out of frustration you start to wonder if losing weight is more than the tools and techniques you've learned.  It might be about that you need someone to help you become accountable so you start dropping money on Weight Watchers or even a private trainer.

But of course, that never seems to last either.  Your cravings for the junk food or the fattening food or the late night snacks is still there which only leaves you feeling frustrated and desperate.

"Maybe I'm just stuck being overweight," you think "Maybe I just can't lose weight like other women do."

Can you identify with any of these statements?

  • I feel deprived when I diet.
  • I am an emotional eater.
  • I have a problem with bingeing or purging.
  • I eat to fill a void.
  • I'm a late night snacker.
  • I need Food Hugs! (I use food for comfort.)
  • I need to eliminate sugar from my diet.
  • I need to eliminate refined carbohydrates.
  • I need to eliminate fried foods from my diet.
  • I need to get motivated to exercise.
  • I need to eat less.

If yes, to even one, I can teach you how to live thin!

Doctors and clinical research both acknowledge the powerful benefits of hypnosis for weight loss.  Research into weight loss treatments established that weight loss is greater and sustained where hypnosis is utilized. It was also established that the benefits of hypnosis increase over time.– Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1996)

What stops many women from losing weight isn’t motivation, spirit or desire, it’s their relationship with their bodies and with food.  When you don’t feel good in your body, life can feel like a struggle which, in turn, can negatively impact your motivation to lose weight.  In fact, it can impact all areas of your life including; your mood, your confidence, your relationships, and your career.   

The good news is that if your unwanted weight is due to unhealthy habits, and unsupportive thoughts and emotions then, once you have a system for identifying the underlying triggers and to clear the hidden blocks around food and your emotions, you can finally be free. 

Take a huge leap on your journey to breaking the cycle of frustration, disappointment, and yo-yo dieting!  In your first session, you will be given a custom road map of the step by step breakthroughs necessary to help you finally make progress on your weight loss journey.   You will learn how to clear the hidden weight loss roadblocks and access your own powerful wisdom and internal resources to make the changes necessary to think, feel, and behave as someone naturally slim. 

This program is for you if … 

  •         You’re fed up!  (Literally!) You‘re ready to end inner conflict around your body and food.
  •         You know that your biggest blocks to weight loss are your mind and emotions.
  •         You dream about a way to lose weight WITHOUT FEELING DEPRIVED.
  •          You want an easy-to-use system to confidently get past your weight loss barriers
  •         You’ve been hungry for a lasting transformation with your weight, designed with a feminine approach.

Each week, you will learn a new techniques to unlock your subconscious resistance and overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks that you've needed to breakthrough to create lasting outer change with weight.  In addition, each week is full of teachings, inspiration, and coaching exercises to help you on your journey of inner transformation to create outer transformation.

There are SEVEN phases that I will take you through.  What is included: ALL of this is customized based on what YOU need. This is just a general outline of the baseline of what we explore when we work together.


  • Initial Assessment of Problem and Blocks.
  • Physical Clearing and Calming: Separate Out Your Stresses from Food
  • Elimination of Unwanted Habits (Sugar, Process Foods)
  • Re-message the mind to eat to live. 
  • Reconnect with intuition and make healthy food choices that are true to you.
  • Exercise Motivation, Body-Imaging, Metabolism.
  • Reclaim Self-Esteem & Body Confidence.



    When you work with Rebecca, you will feel more motivated than ever.  Each week of your custom program is designed to create a step by step breakthrough process for you where you can:

    • Break the cycles of: diet-binge,  stress eating and boredom eating!
    • Finally separate the connection between emotions and food!
    • Release hidden fears that can keep you from feeling safe losing weight and showing up in the world slim and sexy!
    • Identify and release the underlying unconscious blocks to your weight loss and then eliminate them with hypnosis.
    • Reduce portion sizes comfortably and easily.
    • Eliminate refined sugar and carbohydrate cravings with ease.
    • Clear the resistance to exercise.
    • Reveal the secret to self-sabotage and end it once and for all!
    • Stop feeling deprived around food.

    Upon Completion...

    You will have received an arsenal of custom hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, recorded affirmations and guided imagery tools all designed to help you create the inner harmony necessary in mind, body, and spirit to live Naturally Slim for Life.   They are yours to keep.  They will be a great resource to go back to and reinforce key concepts and exercises as you integrate into the teachings and techniques of this course into your life.


    Alison - Competitive Powerlifter :)

    Hi Rebecca,
    I would like to share some exciting results!  I used to go through a daily struggle, a hate cycle where I felt negative about myself for wanting chocolate so bad until I would eventually find a reason to eat it, any excuse. And then I would immediately think horrible things about myself again. "Why was I so weak? People can see me eating it, they're probably wondering why this obese women doesn't eat a salad instead. This is the last time. No, it's not because I am weak and will always be obese like the rest of my family."  I judged myself, I hid chocolate, I ate it in the car, I downplayed the problem for so long.
    My "beat the sweets" session has meant SO MUCH to me. It's been just over a month- I listened to the recording for 18 days straight and then skipped a few while traveling and now I try to listen once a week.
    1. I haven't had any bad chocolate since I left your office. Even faced with a pan of brownies that weekend. Amazing for me! I've had 1 "cheat" if I would even call it that. I drank a chocolate (organic, pretty clean ingredients) protein shake after lifting, 2 weeks into the recordings- I felt bloated and awful immediately. Interesting!
    2. I have lost 10 lbs! That's awesome on it's own, but what's better...
    3. Since I'm not eating sugary junk food, my entire diet has finally cleaned up again and I'm back to lifting on schedule (not just the days I felt "good" enough). I've been sabotaging myself by way of sweets this last year. A few weeks ago we were on a road trip for a weekend of white water kayaking (1st time since I was 16!) and hiking when I realized a couple things- My chocolate addiction is not unlike my grandma's addiction to cigarettes and for all the time I spent judging her for killing herself for it, I am every bit as bad allowing this food to take over my life and destroy my goals. The other thing I realized is that I've been purposely keeping my goals at arm's length out of fear. I immediately texted my coach and got signed up for my first Powerlifting Competition on 10/3! No turning back now. :)
    I feel 10 more sighs of relief and happiness with myself that I didn't eat it, I haven't eaten it, and the negative thoughts aren't there. Just positivity now. It has been an empowering month that I'm sure will continue to even more great things. Thank you so much!

    From Brenda - Colombia, South Carolina

    How many pounds you dropped over the 6 sessions? 30 pounds
    Before we worked together,  what were you struggling with? I have spent a lifetime with yo-yo dieting. Even though I am well educated in optimal nutrition and have participated in fitness training for 7 years, I could not keep my weight off once I lost it. I would find myself eating constantly and lacking the ability to stop when I was full. I felt that I had no control at these times.
    What inspired you to work with me?  I'm an avid internet researcher. In bouncing around doing research on the emotional and psychological aspects of obesity, I somehow stumbled across your website. I was intrigued by prospect of using hypnosis to uncover the triggers to my food addiction and for reprogramming me into new thought paths. 
    What hesitations (if any) did you have right before you decided to invest? The only hesitation was finding the time to slow down to work through the process and working out the financial commitment.
    What was your experience working with me?- This process started at a time when my personal life was beginning to get rough in caring for my mother. I found that I looked forward to my sessions because I came away relaxed and feeling more clarity. I liked having the recorded sessions to use daily and wished that I had used the online tools more. Lack of time and energy in my crazy day-to-day schedule kept me from spending more time with the modules. It was a very smooth experience with your use of technology from scheduling to the Dropbox mp3s. I found you personally to be very understanding, caring, and nurturing.
    While we working together, what did you experience?  It was a very calming and freeing experience. I found myself accessing information about my life that I had not consciously remembered nor given credence to before. I discovered old beliefs that I was allowing to script my life that did not serve me well. Weight is typically perceived as calories-in-calories-out, but I found that this experience has allowed me to eat more naturally - eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full; to not obsess over every single calorie consumed but to nourish my body with the most nutritious whole foods possible. Yes, the junk still has a siren call at times, but I am recognizing that my body really, really wants those perfect foods. The craving cycle of sweet-salty was greatly diminished as long as I honored my body's need for good nutrients.
    What specific results do you feel you received from working with me? GREATER AWARENESS!  I listen to the mp3 files daily and find that some new thought pathways are developing. I have noticed that my stress eating has greatly diminished. I am much more aware of what my body is feeling in relation to food. I've tuned in to my feelings and emotions much more. It is still a work in process. I am learning to rewrite my beliefs.
    Any final thoughts to share with others who are considering working with me?  I have affirmed what I have always instinctively felt - that weight is more than just how and what you eat. By tapping into my unconscious thoughts about myself and my relationship to the world around me, I am realizing that the excess weight that I have carried most of my life was there to protect the inner me. My journey now is to continue to believe and accept that I am perfect just as I am, and I am safe without my "outer wall". At times it is a struggle, but I now have the weapons to battle this. Weight loss begins with self love.  Thank you for sharing my journey with me and being my facilitator!

    More sweet praise for Rebecca.....

    “When I started working with Rebecca, I was very unhappy, unhealthy, and 30 pounds overweight. Hopeful, and ready to dive in, I sat back and took her lead. The 30 pounds came off quickly and fairly effortlessly. But more than that, I felt I had found myself again, the person that was hiding beneath all that weight. I began to realize that the bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and the weight were really a symptom of other issues, and those issues bubbled up when I was in the hypnosis program. It was, and still is a very positive experience. I recommend it to anyone with any type of addictive behaviors. I have inadvertently almost quit drinking also. I was drinking a couple of glasses of wine every night before. Now it is reserved for special occasions. Which also resulted in saving calories, and an increased metabolism. And many, many other benefits! I can’t say enough about Rebecca and her wisdom and ability to get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively!!! I feel my life has been handed back to me!! And it’s better than ever and continues to improve!!!”
    — Kay - Real Estate Agent, Isle of Palms, SC
    It’s been a couple of months since my last session that wrapped up my Naturally Slim for Life program. I am doing really, really good since I started the program I am down around 40 pounds and feel great! I think sifting through my karmic waste is really what helped me put my arms around my life long struggle with my weight, it’s been nice to take out the karmic trash that I’ve needed to do for a very long time. It has helped me in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate.”
    — Jill D Business Owner.- Daniel Island, SC
    Rebecca, I wanted to give you an update on my no sugar hypnosis. AMAZING! Aside for 1/2 teaspoon of turbinado sugar in my coffee in the AM I have not had any processed sugar, candy, cookies, soda, diet soda etc since my session with you. On the rare occasion when I think I need some, I grab a dried apricot and I am happy! I actually hear my inner voice say “no, No thank you”. I am also down 3 pounds! Along with the no sugar is an increased desire to be more consistent with exercise: walking and yoga. I listen to the CD about once a week now, usually late afternoon and have a great 40 min rest and tune up. This is usually the time I want a cup of tea and cookies! Thanks! I have sung your praises and will visit you again anytime I feel the need to have a will power boost in any issue in my life. THANKS!”
    — Priscilla Shumway- Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    After hitting a plateau in my weight loss efforts, I sought the help of hypnosis. Alternating the Healthy Food Choices, Stress Relief, and other CDs from my sessions with Rebecca, I lost 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks without changing my diet (knowingly) or exercise habits. I’m referring you out like crazy, hope you get some business from this!”
    — Ashley B.Hair Stylist- Positano, Italy
    Amazing, just amazing! I needed help to lose weight by giving up soda and fast foods. So far I haven’t had either and feel like I never will again. Thank you so very much!”
    — Christopher Salt, Pet Grooming Biz Onwer - Moncks Corner, South Carolina
    Rebecca is a breath of fresh air. Her positive energy exudes the minute you walk into her office. I eat emotionally and have for my lifetime. After one session I feel in control and have been making smart food choices. I have done hypnosis in the past and all I can say is that it cuts to the point of your problem quickly and efficiently. Rebecca is very professional and kind and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
    — Joan W. - Abilene, Kansas
    AMAZING! I have to admit I didn’t think that hypnosis was real but I was desperate to try anything to help with my weight. Rebecca understood everything I was going through and has made a custom plan to fit my needs. Hypnosis is amazing and wonderfully strange!!! There is no other way to describe it. For the first time in years I am actually optimistic that I will make the necessary positive changes in my life so that I can be happy and healthy.”
    — E.C.
    Life Changing for a Bulimic My life was on a terrible and vicious cycle; Rebecca helped me find peace, hope, and realize that I am NOT stuck! I have found empowerment and freedom from what I once viewed as an endless downward spiral. Rebecca gave me tools that I will be able to use the rest of my life. She can help change your life, too….Believe it!
    — Ashley, Positano, Italy

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