There’s Way More to Losing Weight Than Counting Calories and Points


After more than two decades of highly successful on-on-one weight loss coaching & hypnotherapy, I want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of my Naturally Slim for Life Program. That’s why I created Aweighken™, a web-based weight loss program where members can change their food cravings, eating habits, and emotional eating triggers.

Wow! Serious consideration recommended. I was a bit hesitant. Then I watched one of my closest friends make such a remarkable transformation!!!! She was dealing with issues including weight and self esteem. Rebecca worked her magic with my friend over a series of months. I am believer! I am now working with her and after 3 sessions I am feeling most optimistic! Traditional psychotherapy is not for me, and this is such a real solution! I’m thrilled!”
— K.J. Charleston, SC

Who says aging means gaining weight and looking old? Break those rules in your head!! Before you ever diet again, and so you never have to feel deprived or discouraged thinking about achieving your sweet spot size or weight, please read me e-book.

And, if you’re ready to look good and feel even better — the natural way — grab your FREE digital copy of my brand new e-book:

Rebecca’s Seven Secrets: A Natural Weight Loss Guide for Soulful, Heart-Centered, Ambitious Women.

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2018 Photo of the 52 Year “Young” Creator of “AWEIGHKEN”

2018 Photo of the 52 Year “Young” Creator of “AWEIGHKEN”


Natural Weight Loss

Emotional eating, self sabotage, cravings, motivation to exercise. Whether you have 100 or 10 pounds to shed, I can help!


"Hypnosis is an amazing new approach that promises weight loss for good!” - Ronald Ruden, M.D.

It’s been a couple of months since my last session that wrapped up my Naturally Slim for Life program. I am doing really, really good since I started the program I am down around 40 pounds and feel great! I think sifting through my karmic waste is really what helped me put my arms around my life long struggle with my weight, it’s been nice to take out the karmic trash that I’ve needed to do for a very long time. It has helped me in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate." Jill D. - Real Estate Developer, Daniel Island, SC

Amazing, just amazing! I needed help to lose weight by giving up soda and fast foods. So far I haven’t had either and feel like I never will again. Thank you so very much!" - Christopher Salt, Grooming Room Pet Spa - Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Chris Steidinger, M.D.

Dr. Steidinger says, "So many diets focus on the calories part of the equation but fail to address the food cravings and emotional component of eating, which is a big issue for many people.”

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"The nice thing about Rebecca’s program is that it combines two key aspects of weight loss: changing eating habits and emotional eating," declares Dr. Christy Cone owner of award winning medical spa, Aesthetispa.