Empowering Women to Empower Themselves

The following is a guest contributor:  Jennifer Nelson, Breast Cancer Survivor from Port St. Lucie, FL.  She is a recipient of The Mermaid's Journey Empowerment Vacation.

"Eight a.m. meetings for breast cancer survivors on a cruise? Are they serious?" I thought to myself.  I was not looking forward to this experience. On the first day, I did not know what to expect. Was she going to hypnotize me? When the sessions started, the first thing I noticed is that Rebecca Shaw made me feel safe to share my feelings about surviving breast cancer. She transformed my mind from thinking as a dying fish caught on a hook to feeling like a mermaid gliding through the waters of a tropical island…and it was through conversation about our lives!

In only three half day workshop sessions, I learned to meditate for ten minutes a day. I realized this did not replace my prayer time. It is time spent visualizing and focusing on positive thoughts. One of the mindfulness techniques Rebecca taught me was how to place a light around me that when negativity is around me, it bounces right off of that light. I can now send back positive energy. I know it works because as soon as I got back home from the cruise, a friend of mine was complaining and speaking negatively. I told him I cannot have this type of stress and if it continued, he would have to leave. He left. However, early the next morning, he apologized to me and then I asked the golden question I was taught to ask instead of giving advice, "What are you going to do?” He reached a solution on his own. It was a winning match due to Coach Shaw!

The workshop also helped me to overcome fears. For example, I had a fear of swimming in deep water. One day on the cruise, Rebecca, my roommate and I went snorkeling. I was nervous but they convinced me that I could do it. I went way out from the land into the middle of the ocean. However, for some reason, I started panicking and started screaming for help as I drank salt water. Rebecca calmly came over to me. She spoke soothing words as they sent a boat to get me. I don’t think I would have made it without her. She obviously lives what she teaches. Peaceful, calm thinking can save us from sinking in life!

Overall, this trip and the seminars changed my life. I now feel empowered! When we were transformed to look like mermaids on the island, the positive conversations and visualization of my mermaid we discussed helped me to glow during my photo shoot.

Thank you for helping me recognize my inner and outer beauty Rebecca Taylor Shaw.

By the end of the trip, I was running to each seminar. I think I was the first person there everyday. I wish I could take Rebecca home with me! However, in three days, she left us with enough tools to make it and survive in any situation, especially in battling breast cancer. Rebecca’s last words to us were to affirm daily… "I am awesome, I am blessed, I am an overcomer, and I am grateful!" That is what I am! Thanks to Send Me On Vacation and Rebecca Taylor Shaw!