A Toolkit to Improve Focus, Recall, & Academic Performance

My name is Rebecca Taylor Shaw.  You may recognize me as one of the experts from the video documentary series called “The Truth About ADHD.

For 20+ years, I have helped thousands of clients suffering with the symptoms of ADHD and phantom ADHD.

Are you or your child struggling with?

  • Inattention problems 
  • Difficulty with recall
  • Fidgeting in the classroom
  • Test anxiety
  • Stress or hypersensitivity

If you are the parent, it can feel like you are running a marathon every day to keep your child on track. It’s exhausting.

For your child, it can take everything they have to pay attention, to focus on their school work, to follow the rules, even to stand in line.  All the things that a typical school day involves.

If you are the one experiencing these challenges, then you know first hand how lack of focus and concentration effects academic and work performance.

How they can slowly eat away at your confidence and self-esteem, and moreover, in your belief in your ability to succeed.

Contrary, to popular beliefs, even the most distracted minds can learn skills to improve their academic performance.  In fact, I have helped hundreds of clients, both children and adults, to just that and now I would like to help you or someone in your family.

Host, Dr. Ben Barton interviewing me for The Truth About ADHD Video Documentary Series

Host, Dr. Ben Barton interviewing me for The Truth About ADHD Video Documentary Series

The Truth About ADHD:  6 Part Video Documentary Series

The Truth About ADHD:  6 Part Video Documentary Series

What is Phantom ADHD?

Phantom ADHD is a term to describe when a person has similar symptoms to ADHD such as the inability to focus and concentrate but the root cause stems from other conditions.  Some examples of other contributing conditions are:  hypersensitivity, stress, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) PTSD, or Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs).  




1) If you are looking to improve ability to focus and recall during test taking, check out my program for purchase called, Master Your Mind.

2) Take my "Is Your Kid Hypersensitive Quiz" to find out if this underlying condition is the real problem you need to help your kids with to become more successful in school and in life.  This concept has been a huge breakthrough for so many children!  I'm talking gamechanger!

3) Work with me one on one to discuss you or your child's specific challenges.  


A Training Program for Improved Focus, Concentration, and Test Taking

You’re going to learn some of the most powerful success strategies I’ve developed over 24 years of teaching people how to better their academic performance.

This program contains a series of educational lectures, behavior modification training, mindfulness exercises, and guided visualizations.  It is intended to teach children (aged 9+) to adults to:

  • improve focus and concentration
  • enhance memory and recall
  • become a more calm and confident test taker.


Will these solutions help me or my child if he or she has ADHD?

It can and it has!  These techniques have worked with many clients (both adults and children) who struggle with inability to focus, concentrate and perform well during tests.   The labels given for the reasons for their academic challenges have varied from client to client, including but not limited to: ADHD, ADD, PTSD, and anxiety.  (Please note that because I am not a doctor or mental health professional, I do not diagnose the reasons for people's challenges in this area. My job is to teach effective tools to correct the behaviors.)