Optimize Test Taking: Improve your Recall, Eliminate Anxiety and Gain Exam Confidence

Are you struggling to perform well during tests due to quizzes or tests because of any of the following problems?

  • Inability to focus during study or test taking

  • Difficulty with recall

  • Distracted by sounds during study or test taking

  • Test anxiety

  • Lack of confidence in your intelligence

If you are struggling in even one of these areas, then this is the program for you!

There are three key elements incorporated into this program to help you to create a powerful compounding effect so you can accelerate inner change and rapidly overcome your mental barriers so you can become a confident test taker and academic performer.

Positive Self-Talk:  When performance suffers because of test anxiety, it can be easy to fall into a downward spiral of negative thinking.  This program assists you to replace negative ideas about your abilities in test taking with positive ones.

Positive Visualization:  Elite athletes visualize themselves succeeding in competition. This program will help you do the same to overcome test anxiety.   Visualizing yourself doing well on the test is an absolute precursor for you to make it happen in real life.  This recording guides you in that process.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR):  Stress is the number one adverse factor to recall.  PMR is a relaxation strategy that retrains your body to relax during times of stress which can significantly improve and overcome the symptoms of anxiety. It is the opposite of the "fight or flight" response.  

Can this program help someone who has ADHD or ADD?

Contrary, to popular beliefs, even the most distracted minds can learn skills to improve their ability to focus.  In fact, I have helped hundreds of clients, both children and adults, to improve focus and concentration and improve test taking with the same techniques and behavioral training you will receive in this training program. (In spite of such diagnoses!)




Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety.  This is typically a feeling of anxiety and/or pressure that someone has when performance to do well is required in a situation or for an achieved outcome.  The fear of failure actually can contribute to symptoms that interfere with your ability to perform well in an exam situation.


Anyone ages twelve to adult!  Grade school students, high school students, college students, and professionals have all found success with this program! It works for any type of multiple choice, true-false, or essay style of quiz or test where you are able to read through questions and go back over them during a given allotted time.  

Clients have used this same program for the following:

  • Academic tests and quizzes

  • PSAT

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • LSAT

  • GMAT

  • Bar Exam

  • Architecture Licensure Exams

  • Real Estate Licensure Exams

Dr. Ben Barton interviewing Rebecca as an expert in The Truth About ADHD Video Documentary Series

Dr. Ben Barton interviewing Rebecca as an expert in The Truth About ADHD Video Documentary Series

Rebecca gives people the mental tools to help them increase their ‘I can do it’ attitude.
— Banyan, age 10


Test Taking Mastery: Improve your Recall, Eliminate Anxiety, and Gain Exam Confidence

This program is intended to rapidly improve test taking for anyone aged 12 through adults and to:

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Enhance memory and recall

  • Become a more calm and confident test taker

  • Feel more positive and clearheaded during quizzes and exams

  • Read and remember what you've read

Program Includes:

  • Online Training

  • Educational Video

  • 40 Minute Audio MP3 Download "Master Your Mind

Program is equivalent to Rebecca's Master Your Mind Live training valued at $250

Purchase this program for only $47!