Worth Your Time! I had my first appointment yesterday with Rebecca to help me deal with anxiety over public speaking. My first session was explained to me in detail before we got started and the follow up was the same day, just a couple of hours after my session ended. I’ve been listening to my recording and know that I will get a great deal of help with this issue so I can move forward in my career without fear. Very happy I made the decision to go see Rebecca!
— Amy B. - Litchfield Beach, SC


Do you say things like this?

  • “I hope I don’t forget what I am going to say!”
  •  “I wish I had more confidence.”
  •  “I know they think I'm an idiot”  
  • “Please, don’t let me faint!”
  •  “What the heck am I doing?”
  •  “I hope I don't mess up!”  
  • "Will they like me?" 

When it comes to public speaking is this you?

  • Your inner critic constantly berates your efforts.
  • You refuse to acknowledge even your smallest achievements.
  • You find it difficult to accept praise or compliments.
  • Negative speaking experiences from your past keep replaying in your mind.
  • Fear of failure has you paralyzed?
  • You don't believe you are good enough to succeed?

Logically, you know that you want to be confident when you speak. Nonetheless, you may still involuntarily experience fight or flight symptoms that can sabotage your ability to speak effectively and with confidence.

If you are looking to enhance your career in sales or management, being a confident speaker may be necessary for you to achieve the success you desire. Hypnosis is a very effective tool that can help you overcome fears around public speaking. It can clear the fears and blocks that are subconsciously sabotaging you.

Specifically, hypnosis can help you to:

  • Stop Fight or Flight Symptoms
  • Eliminate Anxious Thoughts
  • Clear the Fear
  • Mental Rehearsal Imagery
  • Build Self-Confidence

I have created a step by step program to take you from fear to fearless!  Here's what some other clients had to say...


I wanted to tell you that after only 3 private hypno-coaching sessions, I nailed the presentation! Thank you so much for helping me through this! It really worked!
— Erin - Mental Health Professional
Amazing!! I felt a difference with my stress level from the moment I stood up.”
— C.M. - Charleston, South Carolina