The more you develop your intuition, the more empowered you become, the more confident you become, and the more successful you become.”

Successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, and creative professionals alike will admit that gut instinct or intuition has often given them an edge.  Everyone has some sense of gut feeling or intuition. For instance, recall a time when you made a decision based on fact only to have a gnawing feeling that something was amiss. Sure enough, when the results unfolded, your intuition ended up being correct and you literally kicked yourself for not listening to your gut. 

One of the latest trends in business is to become adept in emotional intelligence which is a subset of a greater power called intuition.  The left-brained nomenclature has allowed intuition to become widely recognized and accepted in the corporate world as a viable skill set to harness.

Once research demonstrated that intuition was a highly useful skill in the 1980s, it has become more and more accepted as a management strategy. Intuition is defined as the subconscious ability to integrate information from both sides of our brain. It is simply an extension of sound decision making. Intuition as a skill allows us to quickly recognize situational possibilities and to make quick decisions. It gives us instantaneous clues or cues and has proven to be a very practical tool for decision making.

Why is it important to develop the skill of intuition and how can people develop this skill? First of all, life challenges are becoming much more complex, much more global and much more intercultural. As a result, you may face problems you have never experienced before. Not only that,  analysis may not be sufficient to tackle some of these problems. Other techniques, such as the use of intuition, might indeed be helpful.

The first step to developing intuitive skills is to determine your current skill level. This can be accomplished by engaging in a good deal of self reflection and self awareness.

For instance, intuitive leaders are fully aware of how their intuitive information comes to them. They diligently assess clues from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual information flows. They are also typically very good at looking at problems and generating multiple potential solutions; they are very creative and can assess which solutions are practical. They are also very good at identifying trends.

What most of you really want is a way to develop your intuition so you can use it spontaneously and confidently out in the real world. This workshop series will show to do exactly that as it is highly interactive and personalized while providing you with right brain tools and techniques you will love! If it worked for me, it can work for you!

Rebecca  will powerfully teach you a step by step process to:

  • Calm the mental chatter so you can go make more confident decisions.
  • Access your deeper wisdom to gain clarity on your path and purpose.
  • Purposely bypass your logic so you can allow your intuition come to the surface!
  • De-code your own intuitive symbols and extra sensory input.
  • Move beyond random intuitive experiences so you can be intuitive when you want and need it.
  • Clear the hidden barriers of analysis, ego, and fear which block intuition.
  • Rapidly discern, with confidence, the difference between your logic and your intuition!
  • A sure fire method to get validation so you can trust what comes through for you!
  • Activate creative problem solving.

As a result, you will GAIN an awareness that with your newly developed intuitive skills, you are well on your way to becoming WHOLE BRAINED in your approach to life and success!

“Intuitive Healer”
I have experienced the power of coaching & hypnosis with Rebecca over many years. I first sought her guidance during my feritlity journey to twins and continued sessions for clearing grief and finding my way to my optimum and authentic self after divorce. She is an empathetic, honest, and inspiring force as she gets to the core of the issue with seemed ease. I highly recommend Rebecca for all obstacles in your life and for self awareness.
— Ashley Flowers, Chucktown Music Group
Rebecca’s remarkable gift of intuition assisted greatly in understanding the emotional and spiritual elements underlying my health problems and finding a holistic approach on my new path to health.
— Elaine M. - Beaufort, South Carolina
I will be forever grateful to Rebecca Shaw and her “Advanced Intuition Program”. A wonderful door of awareness and learning opened when I started my work with her. I have learned to calm my logical brain allowing the transformation of my spiritual self. This program has been my guiding star as I travel the oceans of my continued spiritual awakening. In addition to Rebecca’s incredible talents in the spiritual awareness field, her professional approach is exemplary. She is an Angel of Light and Love
— Carol Hammond, Hilton Head, SC
Interestingly enough, I came to Rebecca for a shedding process in a physical way, but experienced so much more. It was no accident that I would start working with her to help shed other issues that were so much a part of me that I didn’t even realize how they had weighed down my soul, my aura, as well as my intuitive abilities. Having someone, who is so gifted working with you, is like having a personal guide right there with you, guiding and nurturing you through this process. I have found it such a wonderful and beneficial experience, it has and will continue to change my life. Through this work, I have come to believe in my endless capabilities and it has awakened my higher self, showing me my mission at this time. This program is for anyone who is open to personal growth. You meet your guides and learn how to better listen to them and BELIEVE in yourself, no matter what direction you may follow. It’s like a tap on the shoulder you have been waiting for!”
— Carol MIllar, Sedona, AZ