Change Your Life with Energy imagery

BY rebecca taylor shaw, cch

"Energy is all there is" - Albert Einstein

Energy is the underpinning reality of everything. In this course you will learn how you can harness your own energy to support you in a myriad of ways. Stop taking on other people’s negativity. stop rowing upstream against your own energetic currents. Learn how to use your mind to manage your energy and watch your life transform!

  1. Do you want to understand Energy?

  2. Do you want to understand how Energy works in your health, your career, and your relationships?

  3. Do you want to have the tools and skills to affect your Energy for increased healing, strength, joy and peace?

  4. Do you want to learn some tools that are so simple you'll wish you'd learned them years ago?

  5. Do you want to build a 20-30 minute guided meditation home practice that will affect ALL of your energy systems, and set you up for the best possible YOU?

  6. How often have you said: I wish I felt better. I wish I had more energy to start something new. I wish I didn’t let other people’s energy affect me.

Accessing Your Energy Center

Here is a chance to learn a easy but powerful practice that will increase the benefits of your yoga practice exponentially. In just 8 weeks, you'll learn the basics of Energy Medicine Yoga. You'll learn what energy is, and how you can very easily access your own energy and get it working for you. There is no other yoga program on the planet that invites you in with such ease to such a depth of your being.

Over the next 8 weeks you'll:

  1. Learn how to

  2. Learn ways to reclaim your energy up and feel more energized any time of day.

  3. Realize how other people's energy can affect you, and how to protect yourself.

  4. Learn how to boost your immune system.

  5. Explore ways to .

  6. Learn how to powerfully amplify your intuition through reading your energy and others.

  7. Learn how to tune into your energ

  8. Learn about Energy Hygiene.

  9. Explore ways to stay strong, healthy, and vibrant with just a 20-30 minute EMYoga daily practice.

What People Are Saying

"Thank you for offering this course and making it available through DailyOM...just completed week body appreciates energy feeling connected." -Christine

"Loving the questions at the end. Simple, but so powerful." -Roslyn

"The notes you've created have been helpful reminders of the "why", not just the how. When I have an understanding of the purpose of the movements, I tend to stay with it. I'm noticing that my balance has improved...just in a week." -Jan

"Thank you for this course! I do a lot of qi gong, yoga and energy healing and find this to be a fun way to work with energy, my imagination, intention, healing and integrate them all into my practice! Love and blessings from Sweden!" -Fredrik

"I just completed a 4-day training with Lauren and I am blown away. I have over 30 years experience in the Wellness field and a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health--the #1 ranked school in the world for Public Health. Lauren's class is one of the BEST classes that I have ever attended.  She is honest, authentic and so very knowledgeable about Energy Medicine Yoga. She walks her walk and talks her talk. If you are even thinking about taking one of her trainings-DO IT! The fact that  you are reading my feedback are the angels above nudging you forward to a MAGICAL training session. Lauren teaches from the heart and teachers like that can change the world." -Dr. Grace Tsai, Ph.d.  (Yoga Teacher and  Psychiatric Epidemiologist Doctoral Fellow trained at JHU)