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Level 1 - Certified Hypnotist Training

Train to Become a Certified Hypnotist

Hypnosis is a powerful, complimentary health modality. You can learn to become a Certified Hypnotist.  Use this powerful training offered by a 25 year expert in the field to build a fulfilling and profitable career and guide others to find well-being, health, and happiness.

Trained, certified hypnotherapists and hypnotists can help people resolve the inner conflict that keeps people stuck.

If you are a coach, you will be able to offer you clients a method to refinforce and accelerate change!

If you are licensed mental health professional, you will be able to offer a powerful modality to your patients. 

Charleston Hypnosis Center is pleased to offer our hypnosis and coaching certification through the American Hypnosis & Coaching Academy In a few short months, you can be ready to launch a new, rewarding and lucrative career helping people improve their lives.

Please contact Rebecca, Certified Master Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist for a personal consultation to discuss the details and discover if this is highly popular and transformational modality is a fit for you to learn and invest your time in.