What Will You Do?  Who Will You Become? 

When You Are Anxiety Free?

Anxiety can take many forms—from looping worrisome thoughts, ruminating on the past, low energy, health challenges, unhealthy habits and even burnout. When it comes to overcoming anxiety, a purely mental or intellectual approach to solving the problem often isn’t enough. 

That why reading self-help books, doing affirmations, and even coaching and talk therapy fall short.  Although your mind knows how you want to think, act, and feel, it can quickly revert back to repetitive thought-patterns that actually intensify the emotional turmoil. To have lasting change we must transform the mindset and beliefs at the subconscious level where they flow automatically and influence our emotions and actions. 

Anxiety-Breakthrough was born out of thousands of hours with thousands of clients who were seeking …. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. 

• Do stress and anxiety seem to rule your life?
• Are you constantly looping through your fears?
• Do you feel emotionally exhausted?
• Do you sponge up the negativity from the world around you?
• Frustrated because you know you want to feel more in control but it’s not happening?
• Just surviving the day when you really want to be living a life of passion and purpose?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, please know that I have helped people just like you to break the worry, anxiety, and panic cycles.  In fact, I have created and perfected a 11 Day program to help you become the master over your anxiety.

I’ve distilled the best of my 20+ combined years of experience helping people overcome debilitating anxiety into 11 days of powerful exercises, guided imagery tools and self-hypnosis recordings to bridge the gap from where you are to where you desire to be.

I’ve worked with clients with so many top of mind problems, and no matter what they struggled with — smoking, emotional eating, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, and even relationship issues!  What’s at the core of all of that… is ANXIETY. If we want to become our most happy and successful selves, we must become break the cycle of debilitating, de-energizing and destructive anxiety.  This program is designed to do that.

Overcoming anxiety is one of the most powerful ways to reclaim massive amounts of energy…physical, mental, and emotional!  Energy you need to take your life and your dreams to the next level. Here is your opportunity…to work with a expert in breaking through the grip of anxiety naturally.

We hear it time and time again—the one thing people regret most at the end of their lives is not having lived a life of their choosing.  Become emotionally free and take back your life NOW.

What would be possible for you with an Anxiety Breakthrough?

  • Sleep better
  • Live more in the moment
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more calm and peaceful
  • Take your life and career to the next level
  • Stop stress eating
  • Stop drinking too much
  • Have the energy to figure out what you really want to do with life!

Anxiety is NOT something that just happens to us, that we cannot control.  Anxiety is the result of our thoughts and beliefs, conscious and unconscious.  The ultimate power in life is feeling as if you are resilient to the stresses in your life because you feel you are in control of how you think, feel, respond, and behave.

Would you like to take control of your anxiety instead of anxiety running your life?

I will show you the natural ways to recognize and release the devastating effects that stress, anxiety, worry, fear of failure or fear of success have in your life. You will learn why anxiety is starving your chances for ultimate success and more importantly, you’ll discover effective ways to continue your success long after your work with me is over.

Effective tools to manage your stress are vital to harnessing the energy necessary to take your life, career, and income to the next level. 
Rebecca provides you with an arsenal of stress management tools that can be incorporated into your daily life no matter how busy.  In fact, the tools she will give you are what she the "best kept secrets" for cutting edge leaders.

Get ready to learn innovative tools for:

  • Eliminate stress triggered habits like smoking and overeating.
  • Develop the inner calm under pressure necessary for peak performers
  • Minimize impact of personal crises and transitions on career performance and earning potential.
  • Harness positive thinking to manage mental stress
  • Clear stressful emotions daily.

When you’ve had a trauma or upset in your life, the residual stress and stressful emotions can linger for years or even decades. Logically, you can know that you are past the event or events on the emotional level, there is no such thing as time. Hypnosis is an amazing tool for emotional self-healing and transformation. It allows you to access the subconscious mind and clear feelings and triggering events that are still causing you stress.

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to perceive every situation in the best possible light.  

I can teach you what I've taught thousands of others ….

  • Become more emotionally resilient to the stresses of everyday life that don't take any more time out of your day.
  • Overcome anxiety, fears, anger and other stressful emotions.
  • Develop emotional resilience necessary for peak performance.
  • Manage your own and others' emotions in ways that drive success.
  • Stop self-defeating  knee-jerk reactions like anger and anxiety.
  • Clear the underlying triggers to chronic negative emotions.
  • Identify old stubborn beliefs that are sabotaging your happiness and uplevel to more positive beliefs.
  • Learn the art of healthy detachment creating a healthy buffer between you and the stressful people and situations in your life.
  • Move beyond feeling emotionally sensitive to feeling emotionally empowered!
  • Bridge the gap between knowing you want to be happy and actually feeling happy.

It is time to release the past.  Whether it's old traumas, emotional wounds, or just negative experiences....especially those hidden ones so you can unlock the special gifts you are meant to have in this life.

If you experience any of these things, you may already realize how much of your life energy is diverted on a daily basis because of old emotional wounds and negative experiences that haven't been healed.  The truth is that you can be months, years, even decades past a traumatic event but on the emotional level there is no such thing as time for an emotional trauma or negative event that hasn't been healed.

Discover how traumas and emotional wounds...even the tiniest negative experience that you had forgotten about may be robbing you of your happy, fulfilling future that you are meant to have.  You won't believe how much energy and power you're diverting to hidden unhealed wounds.

Uncover why the traditional ways to cope with stress and trauma from the past can be futile and leave you feeling more stressed and frustrated.  If you suffer from any kind of anxiety issues, listening to this may put an end to it,

Learn why clearing your traumas and emotional wounds are the first step to discovering the gifts you're meant to have in this life.  It's one of those tiny levers that swing open gargantuan doors.

If you want to heal your past and find your purpose, Rebecca Taylor Shaw is the teacher you're looking for.


After 24 years of avoiding the ocean, limiting my number of Sunday Fundays on the beach (if it got too hot how was I going to cool off), never learning to surf or paddleboard, even walking on the opposite side of the freezers in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store when I approached the Seafood section, I can finally say I am not afraid of fish. I have had the ultimate success. I went swimming in the ocean the first weekend in August.
— Brook Ryan, Radio Show Personality
Brooke Ryan, Radio Show Host of Two Girls & a Guy on Mix 96 Charleston

Brooke Ryan, Radio Show Host of Two Girls & a Guy on Mix 96 Charleston

Worth every penny: I recently worked with Rebecca. I was having some major issues with anxiety and panic attacks that would then also give me migraines. It was interfering with life, as it made it difficult to go anywhere. Now, when I experience one of my triggers, instead of anxiety, I feel ridiculously calm and relaxed. Because stress is a major migraine trigger for me, my new found calmness prevents me from getting a migraine as well. I never realized how anxious and stressed out I was... until I wasn’t.
— Molly W. - Business Owner
Rebecca is amazing. Put bluntly, she’s changed my life. She is intuitive, incredibly kind and inspiring. She is a true force of nature and with her help you’ll discover very quickly how to empower and heal yourself. I am so grateful I found her through one of her radio appearances /podcasts. That was genuinely a turning point for me after many years of pain. I will always turn to her in the future to help guide myself through life’s challenges. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Rebecca
— Roxanne Jones - Edinburgh, Scotland

If Not NOW, Then When? Your Life is Waiting.

This Online Training Program is Designed for People Who:

• Want to stop talking about your anxiety, and actually start LIVING IT.

• Want to experience more EMOTIONAL FREEDOM

• Feel STUCK and want to BREAKTHROUGH to that next level

• Want to create a meaningful, joy-filled life, despite circumstances

• Want to discover who they REALLY are, and develop the unstoppable CONFIDENCE to express it

What You Get

• 3 Training Modules (30 Days Each) 

• 4 Themes Per Module (4 lessons per month)

• 1 Weekly Video Lesson

• 5 Daily Lessons on the Theme of the Week

• Join The Soulfully Ambitious Community after completion

*All lessons can be done at your own pace

Module 1: Body Breakthrough

Day 1: The Truth About Anxiety 

Day 2: Redirect Fight or Flight 

Day 3: Clearing Stressful Energy

Day 4: The Anxiety Breakthrough Self-Hypnosis 

Module 2: Emotional Breakthrough

Day 5: Emotions are Not Your Enemy

Day 6: Are You and Empath - Quiz Learning

Day 7: Learn Health Detachment

Day 8: Emotional Empowerment Exercise

Module 3: Mind - Break the Cycle of Anxious Thinking

Day 9: The Key to Break Anxious Looping

Day 10: 

Day 11:

What do you get from Anxiety-Free You? You get your life back.

Imagine starting Day 1: You’ve been feeling restless, stuck, lacking passion in your life, unclear and stifled.  You’ve reached a plateau and haven’t found a way through it.

30 days from now: You’re clear on who you are, and what’s been in the way of your greatness. You’re the artist of your life, and you’re powerfully finding the breakthroughs amidst the breakdowns. You walk through the world with a KNOWING of who you really are.

60 days from now: You understand that love of one’s self is the highest form of love.  You’re becoming a master at clearing what’s in the way, and what’s been holding you back. You’re walking the world with a heightened awareness of your integrity.  You feel complete, you feel confident.

90 days from now: You’ve committed to a bigger vision- a personal mission that gets you inspired into action.  With paintbrush in hand, you’re creating your reality and manifesting with ease and grace.  You feel full- you feel LOVE.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that YOUR LIFE MATTERS—because you have something to give.

Ready To Get Started?

If you INVEST NOW, you’ll get this life changing training for JUST $197.

(The same program in-person with Rebecca is an investment of $2750!)

Erase “Could have, would have, should have” and TAKE ACTION….NOW.



Still Not Sure?

No Worries. This Comes With A

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you complete the first four days of training and you feel Anxiety Free isn’t for you, we’ll happily refund the cost of your training.  We stand so firmly behind this work, that we know you’ll get immense value from it.

There is seriously no risk. Just think about it…A month from now you can feel more lost, more stressed out, more frustrated with life…


You can try out Anxiety-Free and begin to experience the emotional freedom you were meant to feel.  DON’T WAIT.  


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