I help women worldwide heal their hearts, REBUILD their self-esteem, and recreate their life after break-up and divorce.

I turned my relationship patterns around and I do the same for my clients.

Chronic stress coming from either a current relationship or one that has ended depletes vital energy and confidence necessary to reach your peak potential. Once you heal, you will have the energy to put into your new career, new projects, and the better life you desire.
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw, Certified Divorce Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist
As a family attorney, I can honestly say that most of my clients can benefit from this service. Most people do not have a clear perspective during this crises time in their lives they could use a compass. This is an important piece on the road back to wellness.
— Rhett Klok, Divorce Attorney, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Breakups, divorce and infidelity can be deeply painful and often rock the very foundation of our being.  The stress of these experiences can deplete your energy, mental clarity, and emotions making normal day to day life a challenge.  Furthermore, it can drain any motivation you have to take your life and your career to the next level. The problem is that time doesn't always heal all wounds. 

Is a broken relationship causing you to struggle with any of the following?

  • Aching loneliness

  • Chronic fatigue with a low tolerance for stress

  • Feeling emotionally raw or overly sensitive

  • Lack of self-worth or self-esteem

  • Loss of purpose

  • Obsession with your ex

  • Sadness or depression

  • Anxiety or panic Attacks

  • Continuing to make unhealthy choices in your love relationships

  • Numbness or sense of "soul" loss.

It's time to heal your heart and feel healthy about love!

Be clear.  I am not a licensed mental health professional and this is not therapy.  My work with clients works at a level deeper than talk therapy.  This is a training program that has been created to teach you tools of to make your own inner changes.  There is a magic that happens for my clients.  I call it the heart healing accelerator! It's my magic formula combining (life coaching + hypnosis + intuitive feedback) which help you move past the pain of relationship trauma in record time. It can help you to regain or capture for the very first time the positive self-esteem and confidence you need to attract healthy love relationships in the future. You won’t be hypnotized to forget the source of your heartache but instead learn how to be happy within your own self.

The reason that my heart healing accelerator works is because hypnosis is so helpful is because hypnosis and guided imagery are tools to facilitate a change of thinking at deeper level of your mind, body, and spirit. They can help you move past devastation, loss, and regret and rediscover inner peace and hope in a profoundly enlightening and empowering manner.


Work with me!  I can help you:

  • Break free from fear and anxiety patterns that are keeping you stuck.

  • Stop obsessing on or stalking your ex.

  • Stop the cycle of addictive thinking and ruminating on the past.

  • Intellectually you know moving past this person is best but your heart won't let go.

  • Dump your emotional baggage: clear stressful emotions like anger, shame or sadness.

  • Rebuild your confidence.

  • Take the wisdom from the relationship that has ended and leave the emotional stress behind.

  • Love yourself, own your worth, and know you are a unique soul here to live your light!

I came to see Rebecca because, despite previous counseling for issues surrounding my past dysfunctional relationships, I kept attracting negative men to my life. Although I was very aware of the problem, I felt stuck as if there was something deeper preventing me from finding a man that would value me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Rebecca and I chatted about my experiences with men and what I was struggling with. Her warm nature and ability to relate personally really put me at ease. Each session helped to bring more clarity to my life and situation. Now I feel a sense of freedom and confidence I didn’t have before and I feel I am finally ready to meet Mr. Right.
— Christina A, Dallas, Texas
“You are without a doubt better than any counselor I’ve ever worked with! I’ve been super co-dependent and now my mind is so strong! I realize now if you listen to the recording, it builds a barrier. It is giving me mental strength and she’s [my ex] become a stranger. I feel like you expedited my healing by six months! Please let me know how many referrals you would like. I think I can fill up your schedule!
— Chris B. Mount Pleasant, SC
I first went to see Rebecca Shaw for an intuitive reading because I felt I had lost my way and needed help to find the right path. Boy, did she guide me in the proper direction! We decided what I truly needed was to take time to ‘heal my heart”. With Rebecca’s kindness and gentle guidance, in exactly 90 days, she gave me the tools to protect myself with love and light, to recognize what was not working in my past life, to align myself with my spiritual purpose and to release the past to its highest good. I now have the tools to face the past with strength and courage, while moving forward with dignity and grace. Although I have completed “heal your heart”, I know that she is always there for loving support and spiritual guidance. I am truly blessed and grateful to have Rebecca Shaw in my life!
— Lisa M. - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
“Worth the Investment! Rebecca and I worked together over the phone. I have been divorced for 4 years. After our initial conversation I knew I was in the right place. I wanted to find my “old self.” It was certainly a gradual process, but with each session I saw more intense healing. Rebecca is patient, empathic and so dedicated to the clients she is working with. I have seen a remarkable difference in myself. I look forward to working with her in the future. “
— Jen B. - Nurse - St. Louise, MO

Your imageries are giving me rock solid breakthroughs! Every step we’ve taken together, has helped me to detox the mental poisons of an abusive marriage. Our work together has become a foundation in helping me to weed him [my husband] out of my mind and my life. I am more whole now than I was when I was with him.
Annette S. Life Coach - Provo, UT

Are you ready to move on? I am able to work with a select number of private clients in an individualized way at this time.


This work is not an alternative to counseling and/or psychotherapy. This is a training process that integrates self-hypnosis and interactive guided imagery intended to help the client facilitate their own inner changes. Please be aware that if you have active suicidal intent, homicidal intent or a diagnosis of unstable mental health, this training program is not recommended for you.