A Fave Lifehack: Goal Setting in the Shower

My friends asked me to share with them the goals I set for myself to make the most of this past year.  (first of all, how cool are my favorite friends?) 

A perfect question since have I decided to make this the year that I would FINALLY come out from behind the biz... Charleston Hypnosis Center, launch my own website while getting more up front and personal about the topics and programs that are closest to my heart. 

The ones that my friends laugh at me about but LOVE <3.

Here's one of my favorite techniques on goal setting.

(It's a twist on "act as if.") 

If you've done any reading up on goal-setting and achievement, you probably know it's important to be specific and write them down. 

But I go a couple of steps further... 

The first thing I do is say my goals out loud -- as if they already came to be. It's a powerful technique that brings them to life, but I'll admit it can be a bit awkward to do this. It just sounds weird, right?  

So (and here's my twist) I say them out loud as if they've come to pass--AND I'm giving a talk about it. I've been invited to tell my story on the stage, and I'm happy to do it because I have quite the achievement to share. 

This makes my goals (and their achievement) seem "super real." 

For instance, if you are looking to lose weight in 2018, you could tell a story as if it's the end of the year, and you're giving a rendition of how it all happened. 

Something like: "It's always been a dream of mine to get in shape and back down to the weight I was before I had kids. I've been thinking about it for years, and now I've made it happen." 

(You hold up a picture of yourself on your phone standing in a new bikini on the beach for your true supportive girlfriends to admire -- and admire they do, clapping and cheering.) 

You go on: 

"And it's opened up a newfound confidence in me that I never thought possible. I love being active and working out.  I love shopping for clothes and most of all I feel realllly gooood in my body!." 

(I know it sounds a bit hokey, but really, the more you "play it up," and add your own specifics, the better. Trust me, if you play along, it'll actually seem quite natural.  In fact, this example is actually a true story for me which I will be sharing more details about in the coming emails.) 

Now, here's the real fun part -- you can do this and sound extra great at least once a day -- IN THE SHOWER! 

I read that the reason we like to sing in the shower is because the acoustics are set-up to make us sound extra good. So when you're acting like you're speaking on stage while shampooing and sudsing up, it also sounds great! 

I encourage you to try it and see. I believe you'll be revved up to take on the day and take the first steps to achieving your goals. 

And, if you need some help and resources, you've got me for hypnotherapy and private coaching opportunities. (Online programs coming soon!)

So watch in your coming emails for the next 17 things to make 2018 a great year -- and if this idea inspires you to take action, I'd get on it. (And get in the shower:)

My best, 

......I feel so much better now that I've come "clean" on one of my secret techniques:)  Do you have one to share?