Eliminate sugar cravings and get on the path to becoming naturally slim for life!

What You’ll Get in Your Beat the Sweets 21 Day Breakthrough Program

  • Intensive Personalized Intake, where you tell me everything (I mean everything) about your love affair with sugar.  It's okay, I won't judge you.  Believe it or not, everything is connected so I need to know it ALL and that's what will get you results. ($97 value)
  • 45-minute Private Consultation Call, where we review your assessment in detail so I can create a fully custom plan for you, covering your challenges and goals. Get ready to spark a rapid pathway to success as we burn your biggest obstacles to the ground in the first session! ($250 value)
  • My Secret Training Videos on how hypnosis really works and what you need to know to make it successful for you to beat the sweets once and for all. You'll finally understand why quitting sugar has been so difficult and the key to breaking free.  You'll never think of this problem the same again!  ($197 value)
  • Personalized Success Protocol which outlines your 21 day daily action plan from morning to night so you have everything you need to break the habit of sugar, immediately. ($150 value)
  • Customized 21 Day Program for Eliminating Sugar Cravings. This is the crucial piece, my secret formula for releasing the sugar cravings so you never have to feel deprived once sugar is gone from your life.  Hasta la vista, baby! You'll love it!  ($250 value)

TOTAL VALUE for the 21 Day Beat the Sweets Program: $943

Your Investment : $597

I am 100% white sugar free. It is incredible how things have been so easy to comply with. This has helped me so much; I feel so good. We’ve hit a home run!!! Thank you so much!
— Maria Comerford, Colombia

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